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Rancho Bernardo Bronco Ball Basketball

SUMMER 2024 Tryouts

all tryouts at oak valley Middle school

Monday, june 10th, 2024- boys 5th-6th grade, 6-7:30pm
Tuesday, june 11th, 2024- Boys 8th-11th Grade, 6-8pm
Wednesday, june 12th, 2024- Boys 7th Grade, 6-7:30pm
Thursday, june 13th, 2024- Boys 2nd-4th Grade and all Girls 2nd-8th grade, 6-7:30pm

please note: players do not change grades until the fall season

Quick info

Mandatory Attendance

All players hoping to join a Bronco Ball Team must be present at the tryouts. Note: If you're aiming to be a Practice-Only Player, you're exempted from the tryout requirement.


Pre-registration is imperative for all Bronco Ball aspirants. Ensure you've registered before the event.

What Tryouts Involve:

  • The session will encompass skills evaluation, specific basketball drills, and scrimmage matches
  • Every player gets an equitable opportunity to showcase their skills, with equal playtime allotted
  • Parents: Please maintain a spectator-only stance. Coaching your child during this time isn't permitted

What You Should Pack

  • A water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Your athletic gear – ensure you're comfortable!
  • A personal basketball, if you have one. We suggest labeling your ball with your name and contact info just in case it goes missing.
  • Arrive a tad bit early to facilitate a smooth check-in. Come prepared to warm up immediately.
  • Pack a gear bag – handy for those extra layers like sweatshirts or sweatpants you might need.

Coaching Presence

All Bronco Ball coaches will be there, ensuring the tryouts run seamlessly.

Post-Tryout Communication

Our goal is to accommodate as many players as possible on competitive teams, factoring in demand and skill levels. Team rosters will be promptly compiled and shared via email.

Remember: Bronco Ball tryouts are conducted in an uplifting, encouraging atmosphere. We are here to support every player, irrespective of their proficiency level.

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