Q.Do all kids who tryout, make a team?

A.No, we will select no more than 10 players per team. We may have more than 1 team per division; however this will be decided during the tryout period.

Q.How many practices per week and where?

A.Two practices per week at: RBHS, BHMS and other local schools in the area.

Q.When are games played?

A.Games are played on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Most games are played at Alliant International University or Miramar College. There is a possibility of some teams entering a few weekend tournaments.

Q.Can a player attend tryouts but not join a team until winter?

A.All players are encouraged to attend our tryouts, however we do ask that if they are unable to play in the fall season, this needs to be brought to the attention of the coach. This will allow the coaches to form an accurate evaluation and will allow a player to secure a spot in the program for the winter season.

Q.Can a player participate in two sports knowing there are possible conflicts?

A.We will allow a player to participate in our club if he/she is also participating in another sport. We do ask that they attend as many practices and games as possible. While we do realize that fall is football & soccer season, and spring is baseball & softball season, we will understand should these sports be the player’s first priority. We will also expect that in the winter season, basketball be their first priority over any other sport.

Q.Is there an expected participation commitment?

A.Our expectations are that all practices and games are attended. We do understand that school and other activities can cause for absence. We request that this be communicated to the coach in advance so practices can be planned accordingly.

Q.How much is the membership fee?

A.Membership fees are $395 per season. This does not include the cost of the uniform. All players must purchase and have a game uniform and a practice uniform.

Q.What does the membership fee cover?

A.Memberships fees will cover the following: Liability Insurance, League Fees, Training Sessions, Skills Clinics, Equipment, Gym Rental Fees, Coaching Stipends, and the End of the Year Banquet. It does not include the uniform and any tournaments each team may decide to participate in.

Q.Are players guaranteed to play in all games?

A.It is always our goal to ensure players participate in all games. There are circumstances that would preclude players from participating in games, i.e. many absences from practices, illness, negative attitude, etc. The parent is always encouraged to communicate with the coach regarding these matters.

Q.If a player is selected for a team, is he/she guaranteed this spot for the 9 month program season?

A.While it is our normal practice to keep players on the team for the entire 9 months, we do reserve the right to remove or add players at the end/beginning of each season, should the need arise.

Q.Should the player attend all tryout dates?

A.It is not mandatory but highly encouraged. The more tryout days a player attends could serve to his/her benefit.

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